Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Building a Cygnar Colossal, Part The Fourth

It's been a long time. Way back in March 2018, I started this article. Here's part 1, part 2, and part 3. The last time I remember this much time between a part 3 and a part 4 of something, it was Star Wars.

So I got started painting this thing. Boy, there's a lot more to paint on something like a colossal than there is on any other model. Boy, this takes a while.

Friday, December 14, 2018

State of the Cygnar, End of 2018

After this year's WTC, many players are asking themselves whether Cygnar is competitively viable. And while an analysis may be laughable when it's coming from a non-competitive player such as myself, please realize that armchair quarterbacking is a thing, and that while I may not actually play Warmachine, (sarcasm) I do listen to multiple podcasts weekly and participate on multiple forums.

That said, let's go down the list of Cygnar's 21 casters, and look at where each of them sits. I'm not going to letter grade them, but I'll try to make the call about whether the caster ought to get some CID tweaking.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Hunter or Charger?

It's a question I've seen discussed many times. While people are normally trying to analyze ranged damage, there's a lot more to be looked at here. Let's take a quick look at the pros and cons, and compare Cygnar's two favorite ranged light warjacks.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Analyzing WTC Cygnar Lists

The September 15th World Team Championship is fast approaching, and the lists were recently announced. I thought it would be useful to look through the 64 cygnar lists that appear at Conflict Chamber's WTC list site and determine the most popular and interesting ones.

It's no surprise that Haley3 is the most popular caster, with 18 lists, 16 of which are gravediggers. The other two are storm division, and to be honest, I'm not sure I understand how either of the two works.

Siege1 appears with ten lists, six of them Sons of the Tempest. I guess those POW10s have a lot less trouble breaking armor when it's halved. He's also got three lists in heavy metal and one in storm division.

Haley2 is making a comeback in third place with nine lists: Six in heavy metal, two in Sons of the Tempest, and one Storm Division.

Siege2 appears in six of the WTC lists, five of them in gravediggers and the remaining one in storm division.

The once-great Nemo3 is down to only five lists, three storm division and two heavy metal. Sloan has four heavy metal lists, Stryker2 has three storm division lists, and Stryker1 has two heavy metal lists.

Haley1 shows up twice, once in heavy metal and once in sons of the tempest. And then we've got one appearance each for Caine3 storm division, Nemo1 heavy metal, Kraye heavy metal, Maddox storm division, and... what? Nemo2 sons of the tempest?? Now that's an odd one, Hungary. Damned if I can even remember what Nemo2 does.

Let's see, it's got a couple centurions, a firefly, and a lancer. Those centurions will be anchors - one with arcane shield and the other with fail safe. Wait - the list has no junior? Weird! Uhh, okay... gun mages running a cyclone, which is always a good combo. Arlan and Falk are there to work together to give either a centurion or the cyclone that damage buff, Black 13th is good, and Anastasia for the critical roll to go first. Polarity shield can make unchargable gun mages or black 13th, who can then close in with gunfighter and Falk for pistoleer-boosted POW12s. Field mechanics should keep the centurions in working order, and be able to score a circle zone. It's an unusual list. I hope it works.

Others that immediately catch my attention? Denmark's Siege1 Sons of the Tempest / Siege2 Gravediggers lists. Both Denmark teams are using identical Siege1/Siege2 lists. They must really like those lists.

Also, every Cygnar list on every USA team is in gravediggers.

But one of the things that I've noticed most is that a lot of teams just aren't taking Cygnar at all.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Battle Report: Mercenaries (Gorton Hammerstrike) vs Cygnar (Caine1 Storm Division)

I got in a quick game with a friend last night. The summer has been busy, so this was actually our first Steamroller 2018 game.

Both of us knew we were bringing somewhat wonky lists this game. I hadn't played Caine1 in over two years, and my friend's Gorten list was odd as well.

His list was called "Gortenball", and the premise was to have a thick wall of jacks surrounding Gorten, who would then be able to get him close enough to feat and send a jack or two in for the assassination. The odd thing is that the list gets zero free solos.

My Caine1 list was predicated on the idea that with Caine there to deal with infantry, the entire remainder of the list can focus on armor-cracking. I also had stormcallers in there for some reason, probably mostly because I hadn't used them in Mk3 yet.